Monday, December 17, 2012

Another Beautiful Name...

There was this huge post on Facebook quoting Morgan Freeman basically stating that the glorification of murders in our media is part of the problem.

Morgan Freeman denied making that quote...

But it really doesn't matter whether he made the quote or not...there IS a point in that quote.

I DO know the names of the Columbine killers...I don't know one victim's name...

I know the names of:

Son of Sam; David Berkowitcz

Ted Bundy

John Wayne Gacy

Timothy McVeigh


I don't know the names of their victims...not one name....

Dyke in the Heart of Texas is challenging us to remember one of those lost, just one,  instead of the name of the person who took their life away.

"It is about the FACT that I am going to erase the killer’s name in Newtown, CT. from my memory. It is also a FACT that I am going to remember forever another name, that of one of the victims.

As I read online this morning, the list of victims in the shooting in Newtown, I closed my eyes and made a vow. I was going to pick one of the victims and remember them…truly remember that they existed on this earth…for the rest of my existence on this earth." ~ Dyke in the Heart of Texas

I am vowing to do the same.

I think it's the least we can do...remember the beautiful lives lost and banish the name of the evil that took them...

Painfully I went online and looked at the list of the heart aches...and I saw her...I took a deep breath and I said:

"I promise I will remember you!"

Catherine Violet Hubbard

Her name is Catherine Violet Hubbard.

I don't know much about Catherine Violet Hubbard...I did  not know her...

But I do know that she was a beautiful, vibrant little girl full of life...

I don't know much about Catherine Violet Hubbard but I do know...she was taken from this world much too soon...

May God hold you in the palm of his hand Catherine Violet Hubbard...

And I promise that I will remember your name!

Catherine Violet Hubbard was laid to rest today. 12/20/2012

Click here to read her Obituary.

I learned to today that she had a passion for animals and in lieu of flowers her parents asked for donations to an animal shelter: Newtown Animal Center, PO Box 475, Newtown CT 06470 or you can donate online.

It was Catherine's beautiful smile that made me feel a connection with her. In her Obituary her parents wrote that she will be remembered for her: "constant smile".

It is what I will remember...along with her name...Rest in Peace Catherine Violet Hubbard.



  1. I've made this vow, too. I've also stopped referring to the shooter by name. We have to stop letting these people "win."

  2. I have also made this vow. Thank you for sharing and I hope others follow as well.

  3. I am clearly feeling a little emotional lately, but yep... this one totally made me tear up. What a beautiful little girl.



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