Along the Way

Along the way you meet so many wonderful people. I just wanted a little page where I can acknowledge those who have helped me Along the Way.

Those that have always been there:
My mom, Sissy M and Sissy L

My Aunt N and my cousins

My girls:
M2 – Friends since we were “knee high to a grasshopper”

M3 – College BFF

BFF M – She always listens to me cry.

BFF V – A lot of things wouldn’t be possible without V!

my "Leaf" girls

Those I met along the way:
My girls from Fertile Thoughts with an extra shout out to Charity, Shannon, Countrygirl, oneforlis, Green, Hope & Faith, Irish, gillis, Ashers, Ohjan, lucysmom, pray2rita and many, many others on the Fertile Thoughts board. Each and everyone of you has helped on this journey. If I have forgotten to list you here, know that I haven’t forgotten you. It’s hard sometimes to list everyone at once, too much pressure. This list I will always be updating.

Blog buddies – Shannon, Pschall, S.I.F., Single Mom 2B, Nell, Jendo, The Baby Chase Project, Randi, Huro, Paige, hopefulcc and many I may have forgotten. And many I haven’t met yet. This list will always be increasing.

To all my followers and everyone reading my blog, Thanks!

Julia Starr – For her beautiful artwork and reminding me what true family is…

Selenart – For her beautiful artwork

Barbara – For my beautiful Blog!



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