The Steps

Mid to Late:
HSS – High School Sweetheart. I was with HSS for 6 years. 4 years of HS and the 1st 2 years of college. I didn’t want to get married and have children. I was busy “Running Down a Dream”

Early to Mid:
My sailor (the Love of My Life) – Together almost 4 years. I knew this was the man I was going to marry and raise a family with. I knew we would be together forever. He lived in England and I in the USA. He was in the Royal Navy. We met during Fleet Week in NYC (scandalous! But fun ;)). There’s a very sad story that goes along with this which includes missed communications, a missed letter and a heartbreaking end that someday I’ll share. As it turned out he is not the man I am meant to be with (or we would be together), he is not the Love of My Life (my life is not over yet. I know that there is a greater love for me). I am ready (beyond ready) to meet that man, the love of my life. It’s been a long time over due.

I went off to a 3 year Acting Conservatory in Manhattan. The best time of my life!! I had a couple of semi serious relationships which included Stockbroker Boy and the Breadman. The Breadman was a cheater. I was crushed.

Various non-mentionables in between: mediocre man, DPW guy.

Late 90’s early 2000’s
Sio – Ahhh my Sio…Together 5 years. I loved Sio very much. We were just very wrong for each other!

A ton of bad dates: Droopy Dog, Jailbird, Sweatshirt Guy, His Cousin Sweatpants Guy, Jaws and Wifebeater etc.

Mid 2000’s to present day
FB (aka the Itch Scratcher) - Sometime shortly after Sio and I broke up I met my Friend with Benefits or otherwise known as the Itch Scratcher. We see each other on and off for a little Itch Scratching.

NYPD – We met on Eharmony. I knew it wasn’t right but wanted it so desperately. I tried to make it work.

And all the while I was saying that if I didn’t meet the guy, my guy, I would have a baby using Artificial Insemination.

While dating NYPD (for the 1st time) I went to my OBGYN (I was 38 at the time) and told him I wanted to have a baby. He said “No problem” but he did not inform me of the sense of urgency that was needed at the time.

A ton of more bad dates and an unanswered questions of WHY!!!!!!

NYPD again! Some people just never learn! I wanted it even more. I tried even harder but it still wasn’t right.

August 16, 2009 – Attended my BBF’s daughter’s christening. While holding BBG (Beautiful Baby Girl) and talking to BFF’s mom I decided that my time was up. I knew needed to move forward with or without a man.

It was on that day that I took motherhood into my own hands and started my journey. It was on that day I was put on The Path…



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