Thursday, November 25, 2010

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was "thank you," that would suffice. ~ Meister Eckhart

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It always has been. For me it’s the one day in the year where you can just put everything aside, breath, relax, look around and say “thanks”. I am by nature a grateful person. I embrace this holiday. I treasure it and I live by it. But I am having a hard time…

I’m having a hard time letting all the things I am grateful for and all the things I am thankful for easy the pain of what I am missing.

Every night I thank God for all the good things in my life. Every night. Not just on Thanksgiving. And I am truly grateful. I am truly thankful. But that doesn’t close the hole. It doesn’t easy the pain. It doesn’t heal the wound.

So on this day as I count my blessing, celebrate the day and laugh with my family, I will put aside the hole in my heart, breath, relax, look around and say "thanks"!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving is certainly difficult to feel anymore grateful today when we experience it in our hearts everyday. Hope you enjoy this day filled with lots of food friends, family and love. Many Blessings. xoxoxoxx

  2. I try to do it every night to. I often write gratitude lists before bed. I need the reminder tonight though, because today I'm just not feeling it. The owl in your backdrop makes me happy though, and I'm grateful for small things.

  3. In Spain we don't have Thanksgiving but i think we should have a day where we can say thank you for all the things we have and even if they are tiny things. From here i send you a very happy thanksgiving, enjoy this time with your family.
    Love Huro

  4. I think you and I were trying to do the same exact thing on Thanksgiving... Sometimes so much easier said that done. Lots of love to you friend...

  5. Thank you for the reminder to count my blessings every single day. Only good things can come from gratitude.

    And I hope the hole in your heart gets a tiny bit smaller every single day.
    Big hug!



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