Thursday, February 16, 2012

Time Machine

Somehow I woke up and it's now 1952*.

I am boggled.

I am perplexed.

I am disoriented.

I am suddenly thrust back in time where women's rights seem to be nothing but a distant dream.

Was I always in 1952?

Did the feminist movement not happen?

Did women not fight for their right to control their own bodies?

Did they not fight for the right to use birth control and get the screenings necessary for their health?

Did women not fight for the right to be treated equally?

Whether it is in the work place or on the battlefield, did women not only fight for but earn and deserve equality?

I thought we were well past the days of when a woman was violated and there was this notion of "she asked for it"

I thought those days were long gone!

Did we not fight for human rights too!

Where people weren't fired for their sexual orientation? Never mind having the company that hired them publicly petitioned to fire them based solely on their sexual preference.

Did we not already fight!

Or am I trapped in another time?

Did these things NOT happen?

Because all of the sudden I have a feeling the battle has just begun.

I'm not even quite sure in this parallel universe of 1952 in the midst of 2012 that I even have the right to vote.

Because lately I get the feeling that this Time Machine might bring us back to a place where those rights we fought so hard for will just vanish with one pull on the voting machine.

And much to my horror many of those thrusting us back into the dark ages are women themselves.

It seems like more and more not only women's right but human rights are taking pot shots left and right!

And this is probably the most deplorable of them all:

Fox Pundit Says Women In The Military Should ‘Expect’ To Be Raped

I am afraid that this Time Machine I am currently stuck in might bring us even further back.

Back to the middle ages or even worse...

Into a time where apparently there is an acceptable level of rape.

*Note - I randomly picked the year 1952. There is no historical basis for this year.



  1. Hi mi name is Val and it´s the first time I write here. I don´t live in the States, but I have the same impression that you have. I can´t conceive a baby by IUI or IVF in my country just because law doesn´t allow single woman to do it.... I´m a little upset, but not depress I´ll do it abroad. When I was in college an ethic teacher told us than sometimes people pefere to become conservative because that makes them feel sure. Sadly, he was right.

  2. I don't live in the US, but I've been following your news closely and it's horrifying. My jaw dropped and I felt sick to my stomach when I read the headline you posted above. And the debate over offering contraception coverage is truly mind-boggling to me. I can't believe there are still people in America who think you should just stop having sex if you don't want children. Really? REALLY???? And they don't seem to give a shit that the pill isn't just used for birth control, that it's also a treatment for reproductive/hormonal disorders. But who cares about women's health, right?



  3. So, so sad. Thank you for saying what I am too angry to articulate.

  4. I'm shocked to read this...shocked & saddened...the worst part, for me, is the women who passively just accept this. Who will fight for us if we don't?

  5. I'm finding things very confusing in both of our countries lately. There has been a significant swing to the right and it appears that women's rights have come under fire in that shift. It's scary. Perhaps with all the economic uncertainty in the world, men are trying to exert their control over something. "Misogyny is the oldest prejudice in the world."



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