Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rage against the Machine

When I was 16 I became sexually active. Some of you might gasp at this and others might nod their head in silent knowing but one thing that is not really up for debate in this post is whether or not teens should be or shouldn't be sexually active. I am sure all of us would wish that they weren't but for the sake of argument let's just stop turning the blind eye and trying to live in the idyllic world and just agree that back then, back in the 80's and now, in the 2000's that teens are having sex.

And in the 80's I was one of them.

But I had a place to go.

A place that didn't judge.

A place I felt safe to go to.

A place that educated me on protection against sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy.

A place that in their education highlighted that abstinence was the best form of protection.

But if I chose not to use abstinence then I could at least make an educated decision on how to protect myself.

This place didn't judge or push. They just gave me the facts and the options.

This place is Planned Parenthood.

When I graduated High School and went off to college I remained at that place because it was a place that provided me with the basic screenings and tests that I needed.

A place that provided me with pap smears.

A place I went to for breast exams.

A place where I could get birth control.

And this place provided these services to me on a sliding scale so that I could afford the healthcare I needed when I didn't have insurance.

This place is Planned Parenthood.

And this place made me safe and secure and healthy!

I couldn't imagine being a teen looking for guidance and help and not having the services of Planned Parenthood.

I couldn't imagine being a young adult trying to make my way through school and beyond without the services provided by Planned Parenthood to ensure my overall health.

There are a million undesirable scenarios that could arise if I did not have this place to go to.

But thanks to Planned Parenthood I didn't have to face those scenarios.

My rage against this political agenda to attack and defund Planned Parenthood runs deep.

They have been taking swings at women's health and it is time for us to swing back.

We need to take action and we need to do this by NOT voting for those who want to deny women basic healthcare and by NOT donating to or running in or fundraising for ANY organization that puts the needs of the women they claim to be supporting last on their political list!

This isn't about the "A" word as so many of your politicians want to make this about. This is about ALL women and about "ensuring quality care for all".

"ensuring quality care for all" taken right off the Susan G. Komen website. It is written right into their mission statement: "ensuring quality care for all"

So if that is the goal then why is there a sudden attack on a foundation that strives to do what the Susan G. Komen foundation cannot?

Planned Parenthood actually provides the care for all!

Katie over at "From IF to when" has a very spirited post on this. woman vs. woman: my response to komen

Go Katie!

And Mel over at Stirrup Queen in her post: "Susan G Komen, You Can’t Delete the Tweet" suggests that we all print out the Planned Parenthood at a Glance page in order to educate and inform those responsible for the attack on Planned Parenthood as to exactly what services are provided by Planned Parenthood.

And mail them to:
Karen Handel
Susan G Komen
5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250
Dallas, TX 75244

I am mailing mine today!

But I am going to take this one further and ask you to take note of those in Congress who are trying to do the same to women's health and those who stood by us. The next time you are at the polls make a conscious effort to vote for: "ensuring quality care for all"

Democrats who voted to defund Planned Parenthood:

Dan Boren, Okla.
Jerry Costello, Ill.
Joe Donnelly
Dan Lipinski, Ill.
Mike McIntyre, N.C.
Collin Peterson, Minn.
Nick Rahall, W.Va.
Silvestre Reyes, Tex.
Mike Ross, Ark.
Heath Shuler, N.C.

Republicans who voted to preserve Planned Parenthood funding:

Charlie Bass, N.H.
Judy Biggert, Ill.
Mary Bono-Mack, Calif.
Charlie Dent, Pa.
Robert Dold, Ill.
Richard Hanna, N.Y.
Rodney Frelinghuysen, N.J.

This is for every woman who needs a place to go and get quality healthcare!



  1. I, too, went to Planned Parenthood in both high school and college for my exams and birth control. It saddens me that people can't look past their political beliefs and see all of the GOOD they do for women. Despite Komen's decision to continue providing PP with grants, I still refuse to donate. In fact, this whole situation inspired me to start giving to PP on a yearly basis.

    Wonderful post!

    1. I will be giving to PP now too! Put the money where is can to the most good!

    2. Where it can to the most good! Must fix my typo!

  2. I too went to Planned Parenthood in college and just after before I had medical insurance. I know as an educator that most of them do not tell their parents that they are sexually active. I have always just wanted my kids to be protected and healthy. Planned Parenthood offers them this chance if they are willing to take it- without judgment, without pressure. I've advised some of my girls to go there over the years. They might wind up being my third charity.

    1. I think Planned Parenthood has helped so many women that it's funding is crucial. I will be adding them to my charity list!

  3. I worked at a planned parenthood clinic in high school as a file clerk. They were very underfunded and saw everyone that walked in the door. They also headed up the wic program for low income families and immunizations. SBC is another sore subject for me altogether. My mom had breast cancer and her insurance didn't cover a lot. We contacted them for help NO we don't help those who work. They only help themselves and not the under insured. She had a 401k worth 2k and had to take the whole thing out to pay for medical bills.

    1. Wow! You worked there! You got to see first hand. It's crazy that someone should have to lose their life saving to pay for their treatments. Especially if they have insurance! That's crazy that it didn't cover a lot.

  4. Well said. And thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I haven't been posting much lately.

  5. I might have thrown up a fist pump or two while reading this.



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