Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mr. Selleck and the Psychic...

It was a beautiful, late summer day in the quaint, artsy town of Montclair, New Jersey.

The sun was beating down but not in that "the dogs days of summer" kind of way.  More in a subtle way...whispering it's time was drawing near. It's beautiful rays were indicating that this was one of the last hot days of the season.

In the bustling restaurant, as people filled the outdoor tables trying to soak in the final days of summer, there seemed to be just the two of and Mr. Selleck on our second date.

The conversation and the wine flowed. We weren't aware of anyone but the two of us, which was evident every time the  waiter came over reluctantly asking if we were ready to order and that awkward:

"Sorry we haven't looked at the menu yet" moment repeated several times before we pulled ourselves away to finally order.

*I'm pretty sure the waiter hated us but we made sure we tipped him extra. Extra for the awkwardness and extra for over staying our welcome.

After lunch (and to the relief of our waiter) we ventured out to explored this quaint little town and all its shops.

We barely made our exit, when standing in the middle of the parking lot, Mr. Selleck leaned down to kiss me. And when he did it was like the whole world melted away. No one else existed.

We could have stayed there kissing for hours...and we pretty much did...we would walk, then stop and kiss and continue on.

Without thought we wondered into this little, spiritual shop.

We were greeted by the aroma of patchouli oil and surrounded by crystals, Buddha's and candles.   And in the back room of this shop, visible through a glass door sat a redheaded woman reading the tarot cards.

Having a familiarity with the tarot I tried to glance over at the cards sprawled across the scarf laden table. Mr. Selleck stood behind me with his hand on my back. As I was trying to sneak my peek, the redheaded psychic  glanced up and smiled at me.

A smile that caught me off guard and captured me.

It was a knowing smile. An instant connection. What she knew I had no idea but I felt honesty, sincerity and knowledge...all in that one little smile.

What I saw in her smile is what I felt every time me and Mr. Selleck kissed...honesty, sincerity and instant connection.

An instant, powerful connection.

Was she smiling because she could see our connection or was there something more that she knew.

Either way I wanted to learn. I wanted to know what she knew.

What did she know?

Did she know just how connected we would become?

And how that connection would transform into intimacy?

Did she know why I would start calling him Mr. Selleck?  (hmmm that could have made her smile!)

Did she know all the feelings he was about to bring to surface of my being? All those feelings I thought were buried so deep they were hibernating forever?

Did she know his secret which I was about to learn?

The secret that made me question his sincerity and honesty?

That made me question our connection?

And did she know that just as quickly as things began, it would end.

I didn't know what she knew...

I didn't know what I was about to learn...

But one night Mr. Selleck walked out the door and I felt something I hadn't felt in a long time. I felt my heart break.

But I just couldn't shake the feeling that there was more to our story. 

I couldn't shake the feeling that I knew something but I just wasn't sure what it was...

Like the smile on the psychic face...that knowing smile...I had to go to her and find out...

I had to find out what she knew...



  1. I know that you're sharing rough spots of your life, but I love your writing and always anxiously wait for the next "installment." :-)

  2. You've captured me...I wish I had connections in the literary world because you should be published!! The way you tell your stories. I feel what you feel, I see what you describe...



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