Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just an ordinary day...sort of...

April 15th 2014

Tax day!

My taxes were already done. I did them a few weeks earlier and thankfully I didn't owe. Whew! Always good news.

So for me April 15th 2014 started out like any other day...sort of...

The day before tax day, Sissy L sent me a text message asking if I could bring her to the doctors in the afternoon, the afternoon of April 15th.

That meant I had to take off work.

I really wasn't happy about taking off work, but I have vacation days available and that night (dreaded tax day night) I had a big test at my sister needed I took off from work.

Later that evening...the night before April 15th...Sissy L calls me and says she doesn't need me to drive her anymore...BUT I had already taken off from work.

I was annoyed.

I decided I would take the day off anyway...go to a Crossfit class in the morning and then study all day before my test at night.

So on April 15th 2014, I woke up and started my day...just an ordinary day...

I went to Crossfit. It was a killer class (I LOVE Crossfit!)

After class, I was talking to one of the owners of the gym when my cell phone rang.

I didn't recognize the number.  At first I thought it was business related. Possibly website issues that I wasn't in the mood to deal I answered the phone the way I always answer it when I don't know who it is:

"Michaela speaking"

"Hi Michaela, this is Danielle from the Children's Home Society"

To be honest, I was slightly confused. This was my adoption agency calling but Danielle is not my social worker. Angie is. And with it being tax day and all...I thought they were calling for some financial paperwork I still owed them...but I mean come on...can't a girl have a few days after tax day to get her tax info in!

"Oh Hi, where's Angie?"

"She's on vacation. Can I put you on speaker phone?"

Speaker phone? I was completely confused and not at all prepared for what happened next.


"Great. I have Patricia here and we both just wanted to say...Hi Mom!"

I didn't understand what they were saying...and then it hit me...I'm placed!!

At approximately 10:30 am on April 15th 2014 I became a mom.

Danielle and Patricia went on to tell me that a birth mom and the grandma picked me to be placed with a beautiful 9 month old little girl.

And they wanted me to meet the birth mother and grandma that less than 4 hours...

I think the first thing I said (who knows why!) is: "I have a big test tonight! I have to call my professor!"

Followed by: "I have to call my mom! I have to call my mom!"

I couldn't speak. I couldn't form sentences!

Then Patricia said something to me that will forever stay in my heart...she said...

"Michaela breathe! They don't want to meet you to decide if they want you. They have already decided you are the one. They want to meet you to share in your joy!"

Every time I think of that and every time I think of my meeting with these amazing women I feel a love, a bond, an undeniable, unexplainable connection...

Meeting them has changed me that meeting they told me that as soon as they saw my profile they knew I was meant to be this little girl's forever mommy...

Two days later on April 17th 2014 I brought my daughter home.

I am a mommy!

I am her forever mommy!



  1. Holy cow!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a beautiful picture. What a beautiful story.

    Yes, just yes. I'm so happy for you.

  2. Oh YAAAAAAAAY!!!!! How amazing and sudden and AWESOME! Your head must still be spinning. Wow ... wishing all the best to you both!

  3. Oh... My.... GOD!!! All that you've been through, I could just cry! That picture is beautiful and sooo amazing. Congratulations, Mommy!!! Over the moon happy for you and can't wait to hear more about your little girl!

  4. OMG OMG OMG this just made me cry tears of joy!!!!!!

    I seriously thought you were going in the direction of something being wrong with your sister. NEVER saw this coming.

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY DAY. I have chills typing this.

    OMG, SO happy for you with this unexpected gift.

    Congratulations, Mama!

  5. Oh wow! Talk about a sudden life changing event! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear all about her!

  6. Such wonderful news! Tears of joy here! I'm so very happy for you. Congratulations!!!

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  8. Omg! This is the most awesome amazing news! Congratulations! I am crying tears of joy for you

  9. Awesome and amazing. Contratulations.

  10. Wow...this is amazing news!!! Congratulations, Mommy! I sort of guessed when I read the blog title, so scrolled down immediately to confirm :-) What a beautiful girl, and a fabulous age. Enjoy every moment!

  11. There are not adequate words to express how happy I am for you. Purely amazed and grateful that your daughter finally made her way to your arms. Seeing y'all together reminds me of that moment in the last Sex in the City tv show when Harry shows Charlotte the picture of their daughter from China and Charlotte says: "that's our baby."

    That's your baby!!!!

    May God bless you both.


  12. Congratulations!!! What a wonderful, surprising phone call for you to get. So excited for you and your baby girl!!!

  13. I was routinely checking your blog for an update, but I never expected to read THIS. Congratulations, mommy! I'm so thrilled for you!

  14. Oh, Michaela! Tears in my eyes reading this. She's gorgeous! Congrats, mama!!!

  15. Michaela, oh my gosh!!!! I am crying tears of joy right now. She is beautiful! I don't even know what to say beside I am so happy for you!!! You are a mama!!!! Oh my gosh!!! I think I have to go do a happy dance! You'll always have a story about Tax Day of this year. :-)

  16. Michaela - we used to chat on a forum - this is Miss - and I have often thought of you and the ladies. I saw you on Shannon's blog and decided to peek...and I am SOOOO happy for you!! SO happy. She is amazing. Welcome to motherhood!!

  17. Congratulations, Michaela! I am so thrilled to hear this sudden and amazing news! I couldn't be happier for you!!!

  18. Oh my gosh! Finally! Im so happy for you!

    ( angilara68 on FT )

    Do you have a Facebook? If so, look me up.
    Lara Nichols Justesen

  19. Michaela!! Oh Michaela!! I am so very happy for you!! Sobbing here!! This is such amazing news. What a lucky little girl to get you for her forever Momma!! She is precious. Congratulations!!!

  20. OMG! this made me cry!! I´m really happy for you Michaela!! And you baby Girl is beautiful!

  21. I am over the moon happy for you and type beautiful little girl! So many heart filled Congrats! I remember you so well from FT. Your story is amazing. Again, congratulations <3

  22. OMG!!!! This is so amazing! I am sooooo happy for you!!! Congrats mommy!!!! She is gorgeous. I bet you will always love tax day now :) Best wishes to you and your new little one!

  23. OMG!! Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you. She's beautiful!

  24. I've been reading along quietly for a long time now, but I just had to de-lurk to tell you how incredibly thrilled I am for you! Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!!!! :)

  25. Tears dropped from my face as I read this. Big Fat tears! I'm THRILLED beyond belief for you Michaela! She is perfect!

  26. Your daughter is beautiful!! Words will never adequately express how JOYFUL/HAPPY/THRILLED I am for you, Michaela!!

  27. Congratulations, I am so happy for you xxxx

  28. Congratulations- May her life be so filling with you in love.

  29. Michaela! I am thrilled beyond belief for you and your little girl :-) She is beautiful and you're a beautiful mother! God Bless you both. I have read you blog for over three years and just delurked tonight after reading this!

  30. Omg omg omg I'm so happy for you I started crying when I read this! Yay!!! She is beautiful!

  31. Omg omg omg I'm crying for you sweetie. I haven't even read it all yet but congratulations!!!!!!!!! Xx


    SHE'S GORGEOUS!! amazing!!

  33. I got sent to your link from some of the people on your fertility group (who I shared a pregnancy/fertility group with). This is a beautiful story and brought tears to my eyes. I wish you the most enormous congratulations and to all the joys (and exhaustions) of parenthood. Being a mom is something that happens to you out of no-where no matter who you are (that moment when the baby is handed to you is THE moment, no matter where it came from). good luck. Elena

  34. I am sitting here, sobbing in joy for you. Congratulations!

  35. As soon as I read "speaker phone" I started crying! They did that to me too! I am so so so happy for you!! Can't wait for more details and photos!

  36. Oh my goodness!!!! I've got chills running up and down my spine! After all this heartache and years of waiting and sadness... your little angel has come home to you!

    My heart is overflowing for you! What a happy amazing miracle!

    Congratulations Mama!!!

    (And now tell us all about her!)

  37. Congratulations! Congratulations! She is so beautiful and you are glowing. This is the most wonderful news :) Don't you love every second of it!

  38. OMG I have been absent too long! Michaela, this brings tears of joy to my eyes! I am so sorry I disappeared, but I am of so happy I stopped by! You know I was always vested in your journey, I felt attached because of your name - (it was always the name we had chosen for a baby girl) Anyhow! Praise the lord! I am elated for you and your beautiful daughter! xoxoxoxox

  39. Michaela,, I am so happy for you.. I have been away from my blog in a long time.. just checking in today. This is wonderful news. Congratulations.. enjoy every moment. Hugs.



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