Friday, January 21, 2011

Mamma said, PUPO and Firemen?

This will be my 2nd post that I felt the need to put a disclaimer on. All I have to say is that this post is full of TMI!!

Giving myself a helping hand:

After my disastrous ER I called my mom. My mom always knows the right things to say. She immediately made me feel better.

But there was one thing I never thought I would hear her say.

The next day I called my mom to give her my fertilization report. All three of my embryos fertilized. We were thrilled. I told her my transfer would be on Thursday and then she says the “unsayable” to me:

Mom: “Remember the last time it said on your instructions that you should have sex the night before your transfer”

Me: “Ummm…Yes?”

Mom: “Well I think you should do it.”

Me: “HUH!!”

Mom: “You know. Give yourself an orgasm.”

Me: “MOM!!”

Mom: “No seriously. I think there is something to it. Maybe it makes you more relaxed or does something in the uterus to help the embryos stick. You really should do it. What could it hurt? What’s the worst that could happen…you get an orgasm?”

That is a conversation I never thought I would have with my mom.

Now I know they say you AREN’T supposed to have intercourse and/or orgasms AFTER your transfer but they do recommend intercourse the night BEFORE your transfer…hmmmm….maybe there is something to it…so…

The night before my transfer I was lying on the couch watching TV and I started thinking about what my mom said. I was like:

“Should I?”

“Shouldn’t I?”

“I could?”

“Am I in the mood?”

“A little”.

“I could.”

“Like mom said…What could it hurt?”

“Hmmm I could….”

So I did…and I was pleasantly surprised because it was quick and efficient and quite pleasurable.

Then I went back and read my instructions:

Have intercourse in the evening prior to embryo transfer, but only if you are feeling comfortable. The prostaglandins in the sperm are believed to help with implantation.

The what in the what? In the sperm…what?…ohhhhhh… it has nothing to do with the BIG O!

Now you might be saying to yourself: “You could have checked the instructions before you did the deed” and yes that is true but just like Mama said: “What’s the worst that could happen?”

Give me a P!!! Give me a U!!! Give me a P!!! Give me an O!!!

Yes, as of 12:45 Thursday afternoon I became officially PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise). And it actually feels good. There were so many times in this cycle where I really thought I wasn’t even going to make it to transfer. But I did and Dr. Wow transferred all 3 embryos. He told me that my embabies looked really good. That one was a Grade 1 (that is the best!) and 2 were Grade 2 (2nd best!). This is the 1st time I got a Grade 1. It really made me happy to know that I might have a chance.

I know what you did last night…

The procedure was pretty smooth. But there was a small part of me that was thinking: “Can he tell?” I mean he is right there. Is it possible to tell?

There was one moment in the transfer when I thought things weren’t going well. When you have a transfer the RE places the embryos into your uterus but using a catheter that needs to be threaded through your cervix. They do an external ultrasound on your abdomen and it is that ultrasound screen the RE looks at for placement. You need to have a full bladder because it increases visibility on the ultrasound.

When they started the procedure, Dr. Wow looked up at the ultrasound screen and says: “Your bladder really isn’t that full” and for a split second I swear I thought he was going to say: “Did you have an orgasm last night?”

I was like: “Really, I drank a lot of water.”

He said: “It’s okay. I can see but I’m having a hard time getting a picture for you.”

I told him: “I really didn’t care if you get the picture as long as you get the embryos in”

AND I thought to myself “And long as you can tell what I did last night!”

Burning down the house…

Well not exactly but at 8:30pm Thursday night my Carbon Monoxide detector started going off. I silenced it. It went off again. I silenced it again. I did have this happen one other time. The alarm went off on Thanksgiving and the battery was dead BUT I changed the battery after that and it hasn’t gone off since. So why is it going off now? I opened the windows. It kept going off. I waited 20 minutes. I was still going off. I very apologetically called 911. I was advised to get out and wait for the fire department. I really didn’t want the whole big scene but I didn’t have any choice. They were on their way. I went outside and waited. The firemen came. 4 to be exact and 1 police officer. I kept apologizing because I felt like an ass calling them but I wanted to be safe. I wanted to go to bed but more importantly I wanted to wake up in the morning. After all I was PUPO. I had to think of my little embabies too.

They checked out my condo with their gadgets. It was negative for any presence of Carbon Monoxide. So why was my alarm going off? Then the one fireman told me that my alarm was over 10 years old and needed to be replaced. Basically my alarm was broken. I really felt like an idiot then. I smiled and apologized again as they filed out.

Now I am not sure but I doubt they were all as hot as I made them out to be in my head but if I wasn’t PUPO I might have helped myself out again!!



  1. Great post - thank you - By the way I don't think the RE can tell what you were up to last night - or for that matter what you ate for breakfast!
    best of luck to you
    fingers crossed

  2. I was hoping that all three would be Ok for you! I will cross my fingers for you! Moms say the funniest things... But I'm uh.. glad you helped yourself, so to speak, definitely didn't hurt ;) I would prob go insane if I never self-serviced! LOL

  3. You go girl! I am praying for you... Grow embie, grow for mommy.

  4. Love it! Great post. Sending positive vibes your way!

  5. I'm so far behind on reading blogs... I'm so excited to hear about your excellent embabies and now being PUPO! I'll be sure to be following to celebrate when you remove the "UPO" from the "P"!!!

  6. I thought prostaglandins actually caused uterine contractions, hence the advice to avoid s.ex after ET? According to Wikipedia, orgasm releases two relaxation neurohormones called oxytocin and prolactin. I would have thought that these would help with implantation, rather than prostaglandins but don't quote me on that!

  7. Ha! Great post! funny conversation with your mom! I do agree, what can it hurt and it just might help! Sooo glad that all 3 fertilized and they were such high grade. and that you had hot firemen come to your rescue! haha Will be sending good energy to you. :)

  8. I love it! I'd wondered about the Big O & TTC for us single gals...finally someone addressed it! & I'm loving your Mom for suggesting it!!

    No "until proven otherwise" for you, I'm hoping & praying for a BFP for you.

  9. Great post. :) Your mom is freaking hilarious! Love her!

  10. Good Luck!!! Your mom is great! And I'm sure it all helped. I can't wait to hear, and all my sticky baby vibes are going your way.

  11. I can not imagine what I would say if my mom suggested that to me! LOL

    I hope those little embabies are getting all snuggled in nice and tight right now!

  12. I thought that O'ing during the TWW encourages implantation, but I could be worng. None-the-less, I loved your story, it made me worries though, can't go wrong with a nice O!

    Congrats on being PUPO!!!! Now we wait....I think you should stick with the O routine. ;)

  13. YAHOO!! (for the big O and your 3 embabies!) Seriously, this is going to make for the best story ever for your kids :)



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