Friday, February 25, 2011

What goes up…

*Note - In order for me to move forward. To move past the pain of loss and continue on my journey to motherhood, I need to revisit the past to find my future. This is the past...

Are you ready to play TTTThhhhe Beta Game?

(Beta is a blood test to check the levels of HCG (the Pregnancy Hormone) in the blood. These levels must rise accordingly and hit certain levels…Honestly I didn’t know any of this shit either until I started TTC)

Here are the rules:
  1. Need to have a beta higher than 5 to be considered pregnant. Most REs want a starting beta of 50. Most HPTs will pick up a beta of 25 and higher. Digital HPTs are 50 and higher.
  2. Your beta should double every 48 hours.
  3. Most REs will do 2 betas to see if it is rising and then have you come back for an ultrasound 2 weeks later.
  4. Your beta needs to be over 2,000 to see anything on an ultrasound.

Now let’s play!

Contestant #1 has started with a beta of 27. Although Dr. Doom and the Face Nurse shook their heads in dismay it was enough to get her into the game. Yes, she was indeed pregnant!

The next move comes from Dr. Doom and he’s playing it safe and requesting another beta. Will it double?

Anxiously Contestant #1 sits down as the Face Nurse draws her blood.

On a side note - Now that the Face Nurse has un-scrunched her face she feels the need to talk about her husband and kids while drawing my blood. Great! That’s just what every single gal sitting in a fertility clinic wants to hear.

The waiting is the hardest part…

And now the wait begins. You get your beta done in the morning before 9am and then you have to wait until the afternoon before Dr. Doom would call with the results. The stress of waiting was one of the hardest parts. I felt like my insides were completely tangled. I would take HPT test after HPT test just to make sure I was still pregnant. I was obsessed. When Dr. Doom would call I felt like I was out of my body talking in this breathless, babbling voice. On day he called really early and my sister had said “Maybe he calls early when it’s good news and later when it’s bad”. Well, “sure shit enough” my very next beta he didn’t call until later. I was positive it was bad news. When he did finally call and it was good news, I just started rambling about my sister and I am pretty sure I referred to him as Dr. Doom. I was completely crazed! I did this over the next 10 days! And just to clarify, I am pretty sure the doctor calls when he is done with his patients for the day. Not at some deviously picked time to inflict pain on those waiting for results (hmmm or do they?)

So yes, beta #2 was a 74!!! Ding Ding Ding!! More than double but wait…Dr. Doom wanted another beta? And another beta? And another beta? So Contestant #1 had to go back 2 days later for beta #3 and 2 days later for beta #4 and 2 days later for beta #5.

By #5 my beta was over a 1,000. For anyone keeping track that means it was more than doubling in the 48 hour time spans and me well I was really getting sick of seeing Dr. Doom and the Face Nurse.

I am not sure why Dr. Doom kept having me come in because each time my beta doubled. Each beta was pure torture. Maybe Dr. Doom liked torturing me? But little did I know that Dr. Doom had nothing on his partner Dr. Darth Vader whom I was about to meet under the worst of circumstances…



  1. Oh, the doubling was torture, that was when I learned you could be a little bit pregnant...for you to have to keep going back must have been the worst.

  2. Reading about you having to face multiple beta tests just appalls me. I can't imagine how you would be able to even enjoy a moment or a day of being pregnant when Dr. Doom was putting you through that... I'm so sorry that you experienced that.

  3. Serial betas seem like cruel and unusual punishment to me. After 2-3 increases, it doesn't seem necessary to do any more. I remember how I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest while waiting for my betas to come back, I can't imagine doing that over and over again.

  4. Dr. Doom for sure. Do many of his patients keep going to him? Did he ever explain why he wanted you to keep going back?

  5. Not sure if this is helpful, but my RE said you can see something (gestational sack) with a beta over 1000, though not a heartbeat, necessarily.

    Maybe it would be easier to just get the ultrasound than keep going through this torture?

    Either way, the waiting, especially, sounds terrible! And that Dr. Doom isn't even telling you WHY he keeps repeating them, if it's not the normal protocol... yuck!

    Hang in there! Fingers crossed!

  6. Michaela, I can't believe Dr. Doom treated you this way.. this is horrible. Does he do this with every patient or just us single women?



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