Monday, November 5, 2012

Election Day

I have never voted based on campaigns and campaign promises. Or the incessant sound bites coming from either side. To be honest most of it is downright ludicrous and I can't believe that seemingly smart people on both sides regurgitate this nonsense. I don't vote on what any candidate wants to do, promises to do, etc., even with all the best efforts real change won't happen until the system fundamentally changes. Until we get rid of parties and truly work together as one for the greater good. Do I think Romney and his 5 point mathematically impossible plan is going to fix the economy. NO! Do I think Obama and his "tax the rich plan" is going to fix the economy. NO! They will filibuster and battle the shit out of each other until the next election. There isn't a ruler small enough to measure this teeny weeny pissing contest. And then they will just swear to undo what the other has done; good or bad it doesn't matter. Because they are for themselves and winning the next election. And then we will do this all over again in 4 years. Each blaming the other side when it's a collaborative effort...So I base my vote on my basic philosophies. We elect those to represent us. So I will vote on a representation that I can live with. One that comes closest to who I am as a human being and what I believe in. I believe in equal rights for all. If there is one person being oppressed that is one person too many. I could never look them or their children in the eye knowing I voted against their equal rights. I believe in equal pay. I believe in the separation of church and state. I believe in a women's right to choose. I believe in a loving God that does not discriminate. I believe in the freedoms that we based this country on. Freedom of religion...or non-religion. I believe that people have the right not to believe. I believe in science and keeping religion out of it to necessitate true progress. I believe in helping your fellow man in times of trouble. I believe in protecting our environment not destroying it for profit or to fix our economic issues. I believe in showing the love and respect that this great land deserves. These are some of my general principles. I will not comprise these principals for the sake of finance. I cannot associate myself by voting for a representation that is so grossly different in their beliefs to mine no matter what the cost. I will vote for the candidate that closely represents my principals as a reflection of who I am in my heart...



  1. Very well written, couldn't agree more!

  2. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. I agree with every. Single. Word.



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