Friday, July 16, 2010

Is it written in the stars?

After I was done posting my very first blog entry I went on my Yahoo page and read my horoscope. WOW!!

“A personal issue that was recently pretty stormy turns the page and becomes rather sweet just when you were ready to give up. It's a pleasant surprise, but it's also quite timely -- you were just about ready to turn your back on fate and make a hasty choice. Everything has finally come together in a way you would never have seen coming -- but you're quite happy with the results.”

WOW AGAIN!! Could this really be true? I had pretty much given up on “Fate”, “Destiny” and “Meant to be” a long time ago…is a reversal of fortune written in the stars? And what personal situation could it be referring to?

Could it be the love of my life finally makes an appearance when I have completely given up? It would then make that old adage true, the one that has been repeated to me by many…friends and family alike…the one, that I might add, which is completely annoying…the ever so popular “When you least expect it “ or it’s cousin “When you’re not looking”. When people would say those infuriating phrases to me I used to wonder where would I have to be and what I would be doing to be “least expecting it”…what would I have to be on the toilet? In the shower? Well I certainly wouldn’t be expecting it then or looking! So are my two least favorite sayings about to come true?

Or, for those of you that don’t know, I’ve submitted an audition tape to Oprah and haven’t heard anything, so I’ve pretty much given up. Could it be that Oprah is about to call me saying that my video made it to the finals!! Now that would be a pleasant surprise!

Or, again for those of you that don’t know, I recently had a completely disastrous and devastating IVF cycle which left me without a transfer (this still brings me to tears), could it be that my meeting with Dr. Wow on Monday will yield positive results with him guaranteeing me a pregnancy on my next IVF cycle? That would definitely mean “Everything has finally come together in a way you would never have seen coming” and I would be beyond happy with the results!

Now wouldn’t it be great if you could pick. I wouldn’t even hesitate on which one I would pick. I would pick the successful IVF cycle in a heartbeat. I would gladly give up the others and so much more. If only I could pick!

So, I don’t know which one the stars are going to pick but one thing I do know is that I will be shutting the bathroom door!



  1. Just found your blog... welcome to the blogging world!

    Good Luck on Monday with Dr. Wow!

  2. Thank you! I'll keep you posted! :)

  3. Is it too much to hope for all three? A wonderful man, Oprah and your baby? I don't think so, so that's my wish for you tonight!

  4. Just added your blog to my follow list. Good luck at the Dr on Monday. I look forward to following along on your journey.

  5. Hi S! Thank you! I just went to your blog. I can't wait to start reading!



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