Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recap of the last few days: A fortune teller, Dr. What?, Dr. Wow, and a Speedo!

This post is going to be a somewhat long in order for me to give you a little recap of what’s been happening over the last few days…

“The last time we saw our caped crusader…” It can’t be crusaders b/c I haven’t found my partner in crime (or should I say crime fighting) yet…“The last we saw our caped crusader. She put on the perfect dress and headed off to an Arabian Nights party”

What did the fortune teller say?

So, at V’s Arabian Nights party she had this fortune teller there and I decided to get a reading. The fortune teller read your crystals, tarot cards and palm. While she was reading my crystals it came out that I was TTC so she told me which crystal I needed to get to help with getting pregnant. Now for all you TTC ladies it's Howlite in case you were screaming at the computer screen “I need that crystal too! She’d better not withhold that information!” :) So then the fortune teller went on to read my tarot cards. Now for those of you who don’t know, I also read the tarot cards (and yes, I will read yours but you have to come to NJ) so I always really scrutinize a tarot card reading.Well she definitely set out her cards differently than I do and she has a mixture of tarot cards and angel cards in the deck. As she started flipping over each card she first said October, then she said October 18th and then she said male…wide eyed I’m still looking at her. She gathers all the cards together and says that I will find out that I am pregnant on October 18th and it will be a boy….WOW!! I have never had a fortune teller be that specific with at date!! But the WOW factor was about to double when she started reading my palm. She said the usual “Life Line, Love Line stuff” and then she was looking at the area between my thumb and pointer finger. You know that stretchy, mushy area and she kept moving my thumb from side to side and then said to me "It looks like one of your ovaries isn't working" Double WOW! There is no way should could know that I was having no response (plus cysts) on my left ovary and then she also said that she feels that I will get pregnant once that ovary starts working again...Triple WOW b/c the cycle I got pregnant on is the only cycle that I produced on my left weird is that!! Well, now I have to tell my Herbalist/Acupuncturist he needs to work on my left ovary.

Which brings me to Dr. What?

I decided to look into adding herbs to my TTC supplement regime. I went to a man who is a 5th generation Taoist. Needless to say there is something about really old Chinese men that make you think they hold all the answers. I am very pleased with Dr. Wang. What? His name is Dr. Wang…tee hee...tee hee! I know it’s juvenile but I can’t help giggling at his name. I posted this on the Fertile Thoughts board and one of the other girls writes back that her RE’s name is Dr. Cummings!! LOL!! Okay so now I’m really giggling like an 8th grader! So I decided whenever this journey starts to get me down, all I will do is think “Wang and Cummings!” And the first place I will put that to use will by my appointment with Dr. Peters (formerly known as Dr. Wow but I am waiting for the results of my meeting with him to decide whether or not he has regained that title)!

My meeting with Dr. Wow…and yes, he’s regained the title!

The meeting with Dr. Peters was good. I have to say even though I kept repeating the mantra “Wang and Cummings” I was still angry when I walked into that meeting. After going through one month, 44 shots and an ER (egg retrieval), only to have the cycle fail before I even got an ET (egg transfer) was devastating! I felt robbed and I was going to let Dr. Peters know that! Well, we did have the 3 day vs 5 day transfer debate and he still strongly feels that the only way to go is with the 5 day transfer even though none of my embryos made it for a 5 day transfer. Just a little “411”, 5 day transfers are considered risky b/c there is a chance none of the embryos will make it and of course mine didn’t. I am a poster child for Murphy’s Law. I of course argued that we should have done a 3 day transfer and he still strongly believes that if they had transferred on day 3 I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant. But in the end he said he will do a 3 day transfer for me next time. Then he went on to say that he felt my cycle was good for my age and FSH levels. He said that a lot of times they have a hard time even getting 2 eggs from women with my stats so that made me happy. He felt that I should definitely try again and went on to say how his goal is to get me pregnant. Once again that made me very happy! We are going to try again in the September cycle. I wanted to start in August but he said they like you to have 1 full period before starting again and they don't count the period you get right after the ER and ET... he feels that isn't a real period since it's basically from all the meds...I guess it's good b/c you can clean your body out. I will call them when I get my period in August and they will then put my on BCPs (birth control pills) and schedule my cycle. It is making me a little crazy and a little sad that I can't start right away but I am going to trust Dr. Wow...there's just something about him that's so comforting and I just think he's amazing. Hmmm...I might have a little crush!

Up at the pool swimming laps…Holy Wang I didn’t see that Cumming!!!

After a long weekend, emotional meeting and work (yes, in the middle of all this I still find time to work) I decided to head up to the pool and swim some laps. As I was gliding back and forth across the length of the pool I started thinking about the fortune teller and what she said about October, my crush on Dr. Wow and my cycle in September and started to realize that if I cycle in September than it wouldn’t be until the first week or two of October that I would find out if I’m pregnant….What? Could that be true? Could the fortune teller be right? As I put 2 and 2 together I surface from under the refreshing blue water to see a man standing in front of me at the edge of the pool and no, this isn’t the movies, so it wasn’t the man of my dreams, or Dr. Wow the man of my crush…it was a really old man with leathery tanned skin in a speedo! And all I could think of was “Wang and Cummings!”



  1. I giggled at Dr. "Peters", so that has to make me some sort of juvenile too. You gotta find things that make you giggle to keep sane in this whole process.

  2. This post is hilarious! well, the funny parts are hilarious. The part about the fortune teller and your tarot cards was so fascinating... I can't wait to see what you post October 18th!

  3. OMG, even though I'd heard the whole Wang and Cummings already, I just about busted a gut at "Holy Wang...." LOL!

    I know you're going to get your BFP - you have to. The world needs more people like you.

  4. Thank you all! And Shannon I am giving you the biggest hug right now! What you wrote moved me! Thank you!

  5. Oh I love this! And I so love that your fortune teller could be right on!!

  6. Just found your blog & I just love your writing! I'm reading from the beginning so am not quite up to date yet but look forward to following your story.



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