Thursday, January 16, 2014

The text heard round the world...

In my mind it was a done was me and Mr. Selleck moving forward in a relationship that could be all that he promised it to be.

I was in heaven!

And I was completely in love...

In love with his voice...

In love with his smile...

In love with his laugh...

In love with his long winded stories that he was compelled to tell.

Mr. Selleck loves to talk!

He would talk on and on for hours about every topic imaginable!

I once listened to a 40 minute monologue on mayonnaise.

Freakin' mayonnaise!!

But I didn't care...I listened. I listened intently.  Like mayonnaise was the best thing to come along...since...well since mayonnnaise!

I was in love!

Thanksgiving was approaching and we had already made separate plans with our families.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and hated the thought of not being able to spend it with him.

Mr. Selleck and I always get together on Wednesday nights. Wednesday nights  is one of "our" nights.

And trust me Thursday mornings at work are rough!

So the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I decided to cook a mini Thanksgiving dinner for the two of us.

I got the world's smallest turkey, cooked stuffing and asparagus (that is the one vegetable I know Mr. Selleck loves) and a mini apple pie for dessert.  Plus two bottles of wine and some after dinner cognacs...ahhhh...heaven!

We met at the gym (we had recently started working out together) and unknown to Mr. Selleck, I had our mini celebration waiting for us at home.

After the gym I would surprise him with "our holiday" and then later in the evening Sissy L and niece Jay (my almost birthday twin) were coming over for after dinner drinks.

Everything was going according to plan.

We finished up at the gym.

As we were leaving the gym, we had taken separate cars, we paused in the parking lot to kiss.

I gave him a long, passionate kiss and then a bunch of tantalizing, little pecks all over his lips and cheeks.

I turned, and with a knowing little smile said: "See you at home".

I got to the condo first, ran up the stairs and inside. I lit the candles on my table set for two and waited for him to come up the stairs.

I love the sound of him walking up the stairs.  It makes my heart race with anticipation of seeing him even if I just saw him.

I ran to the door and opened it proudly displaying our Thanksgiving!

He kissed me and said:

"Wow! This is great! I can't believe you did all this! But...."

"But??" I was confused and then sheepishly he smile at me and said..."But can we go in the bedroom for a little bit first? Those kisses you gave me outside the gym really turned me on"

He grab me and we kissed.

He continued kissing me as we made our way to the bedroom.  A stream of clothes lay in our wake.

As Mr. Selleck's body pressed on top of mine,  I could feel his heart beating.  And he whispered I love you in my ear.  I looked up at him. There's something about the way his face looks when he is looking down at me that makes me melt. I could have looked up at him all night long...

After working up an appetite at the gym and in the bedroom we enjoyed our mini Thanksgiving dinner.

Sissy L and niece Jay joined us for some after dinner cognacs and well...the conversation flowed.

And we all know how much Mr. Selleck likes to converse. But this time it was funny family stories as told by me, Sissy L and niece Jay.

Mr. Selleck reveled in them.  Interjecting things like: "Ohhhh I've never heard that story about you before!" and "I didn't know you did that!" as he seemed to take great pleasure in discovering new things about me.

The night wrapped up.

The next day niece Jay and myself drove to my mom's for Thanksgiving...we continued the reminiscing conversation and of course shared our thoughts on Mr. Selleck.

I told her how he mentioned marriage and how it all felt so right.

She commented on how great we were together and could see us going far.

I spent Thanksgiving at my mom's and Mr. Selleck spent his at his sister's.

It felt like we were apart for an eternity.  It was one day.

Then Friday came...the day after Thanksgiving and Mr. Selleck and I met BFF V and her family at this great crab leg place for, of course, crab legs.

I was introducing Mr. Selleck to V and mine's favorite crab leg place. It is a place that if no one told you about wouldn't stumble upon it. But it is a gem of a place. V and I have been going there for years. They are known for their buffet, soup/salad/dessert bar, crab legs and GIANT drinks...what more could one ask for!

And they are only open Thursday - Saturday.

There have been numerous times where V and I have shown up on a Sunday wondering why the place is closed...only to see the sign stating their Thursday - Saturday business hours.  Did I mention that V and I have shown up numerous times on Sunday...sigh...

The night was great. V was great, her husband was great, the kids were great, the crab legs and drinks were great and of course me and Mr. Selleck were great.

Or so I thought great...

Was I just blinded by all the "sweet nothings" he whispered in my ear...

Blinded by the talk of love and the mention of marriage?

Blinded by the mind-blowing sex?

So blinded that I didn't realize that his "sweet nothings" were really nothing?

Because later that evening when we got home I found out how blinded I really was....

At 11 o'clock at night in the middle of my living room he blew my mind...

Because at 11 o'clock at night, the Friday after Thanksgiving,  in the middle of my living room...

He was texting another woman...

I kicked him out.

When he got home...he sent another text...

This time the text was to me...

It read...

"I'm not letting you say goodbye."




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